Xampla named as a global sustainability pioneer

Xampla has been selected by Sifted, the Financial Times’s new media site for entrepreneurs and innovators, as one of its ‘Pioneers of the new world’.

The report lists the key start-ups ‘at the forefront of seismic change’, and highlights Xampla’s CEO Simon Hombersley as the standout pioneer in sustainability.    Xampla leads the ‘Sustainability’ category for its ground-breaking work to create the world’s first plant protein material to replace single-use plastic.

CEO Simon Hombersley told the site:

“Covid-19 is in fact placing severe restrictions on corporate budgets, creating a short-term barrier to achieving long-term sustainability objectives” and that Xampla is at “the vanguard of helping corporates meet the needs of shareholder, consumer, regulator and planet alike”.

Sifted journalists began a world-wide search in April for the start-ups with most potential to make the ‘new world’ an improvement on the old. In highlighting Xampla as particularly compelling, the publication noted the company’s breakthrough could herald ‘a mass evolution in sustainable plastic’.